domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Best part of being in the US? Movie theaters with more than 8 screening rooms! ♥ it's lovely and should be a rule is EVERY movie theater. Anyways.
Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen came out on June 24th, and I finally got out to watch it. Now, I am a Tranformers fan, but I did not enjoy the first movie. At all. It was too long, it was really slow, and it was PREDICTABLE! Thankfully, this sequel was so much better! This movie I can watch over and over. Shia LeBeouf delivers brilliant acting and Megan Fox looks as hot as expected. While I'm not a huge fan of the Mikaela character - I did find the dynamic that the writters built between her and Sam very charming. The new characters - Leo, Motorcycle Autobots, and the Autobot twins - not only gave me more Autobots to love, but an excellent comedy releif, and the returning cast did a stellar job. The Decepticons also see new additions - and more wickedly cool gadget-like 'bots! As well as an old revived SR-71 Blackbird who qiuckly became one of my favorite characters. While this movie has been critized for giving more protagonism to giant robots than the starring actors, that played completely into my likes. This movie managed to keep me on a fine balance between laughing out loud and cringing at the edge of my seat, however, it did seem overly dramatic at some points, and the soundtrack was by no means memorable (though knowing me this is subject to change once I watch the movie a few times.) If you enjoyed the first movie, then this one will be even better. If you didn't enjoy it as much as you felt you should, then give this one a try. If you don't understand why giant robots are absolutely awesome, then please stay very very far away. Overall score: 3.5/5

Houston has been relatively uneventful. I need to get out of bed more often.

sábado, 4 de julio de 2009


So much stuff has come down lately. Hiatus time! :3